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Beer Beer

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Dude your art style is awesome. What type of brew did you make? I dabble with homebrew but havent ventured into beer yet, I've just done cider because its hard to make cider taste bad.

Catoblepas responds:

It's wheat beer with palisade hops. Takes about one month from brewing until it's drinkable.

Pipe-Knight Pipe-Knight

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Badass! That dude must have some serious lung problems haha

jouste responds:


he should probably switch to e-cigs or something. thanks for the highscore!


Megatron (HOC) Version Megatron (HOC) Version

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this is what i like to see! megatron back in his old school form, with some wicked improvements. A transformed pic would be just as badass if not more, nudge nudge

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